PS5 Horizontal or Vertical: Which Is Better

PS5 Horizontal or Vertical: Which Is Better?

Best Position for Your Console

New versions of electronic devices often bring improvements in increased power and functionality. But sometimes, it is also purely aesthetic and comfort-enhancing changes. Today we tell you the best way to put the PS5 horizontal or vertical. What are the peculiarities of the positioning variations, and what will happen to the cooling?

Should PS5 Be Vertical or Horizontal?

Many Sony consoles owners faced the inconvenience of placing a new console in the old interior, and furniture was impossible. Sometimes purely physically – the dimensions do not allow it, but the reason may be an unattractive appearance.

But this is important. The location depends on the longevity of the console and the frequency with which it needs to be cleaned from dust. In the 5th version of the console, Sony engineers have made life easier for customers with such a simple choice as the orientation of the PlayStation 5. There are no more clear instructions to install PS 5 horizontally or vertically, guided by your own needs and tastes, but there are features – about them, we’ll tell below.

How to Put Your Console Correctly

Although Sony said that the console could be put in different positions, whether you can set the PS5 on the side is still relevant. You can, but do not be in a hurry to try the case on your interior. The plastic stand is included for a reason, and you have to put the PS5 on it in all orientations. We provide a link to the official Sony channel, which shows what’s inside the console and how to install PS 5 horizontally and vertically, breaking down the main points (timecode 1:10-1:55).

Horizontal Positioning

ps5 horizontal or vertical

PS5 owners often place it wrong. Even studio head Herman Hulst made the mistake of putting it upside down in one of his videos. It is worth saying that if you put the console incorrectly for a short time, it does not carry a danger. If it is the permanent placement of console, however, the cooling system, DVD drive, and the case’s stability are at risk. This shows the proper order of the PS5 with the stand-in in different ways.

Speaking of horizontal placement, two points are worth highlighting:

  • Use PS5 exclusively on a stand. The console has no straight surfaces because of the wavy side panels, which are easily removable, but many people don’t let this factor stop them;
  • Don’t make the same mistake as Herman Hulst. Putting the new PlayStation horizontal correct on one side closer to disc drive.

In drive version, the uneven lines and convexity of sides are more noticeable, but even the PS5 digital version can not be placed without a stand. Once you have the stand, look at hooks’ location. They should be pushed back 10 hours straight out of the box. If you change the position of the stand, first return them to its original position. Next, look at the edges of side panels at their protruding part. Finally, look for PlayStation icons (bottom back panel) – triangle, circle, cross, square. Align the hooks and make sure they fit snugly on both sides and lock securely in place.

Installing PS5 horizontally is done quickly and easily. Note that the console is designed to work strictly in a specified position and is not intended for shifting and moving (hooks fix the position, and the body presses on the stand its weight), as in this case, the mount can come off.

Vertical Positioning

is it safe to stand ps5 vertically

Although you can place the set-top box vertically against the side edges, you should not do so. The surface area is too small, and the case becomes unstable. Also, considering that the panels’ material is plastic and there are electronics and fragile components under it, it is better to avoid possible falls.

Therefore we use the stand again. We set the hooks’ at 12 o’clock so that they do not interfere. Next, we turn the plate and open the hole for the screw, which is closed by a special plug. Now put the base so that the holes for the screw coincide, and then extend the clamp and screw with a screwdriver with a flat stand. The screw is big enough to use improvised means without the necessary screwdriver – a coin, the blunt side of a knife, etc. That is all – you can not worry if it is safe to put the PS 5 upright. The fixation is only on the screw, but that’s enough.

Important – in the frame of the stand there is a special slot that slides and where you can put the screw and around slot under the plug. We recommend storing them there, so everything you need won’t get lost and is always available.

About PS5’s Appearance

Disputes about how to better place the console for aesthetic reasons have not ceased, but still, most people think that the PlayStation 5 looks better in the horizontal position. However, this is very subjective, so in an interview, Yasuhiro Otori, vice president of the studio, said he puts it vertically, emphasizing that the reason is only for aesthetic reasons.

So it is better to be guided by your taste. But think about it before you buy the furniture. Also, if you want to be different or the room layout does not allow it, use a bracket for the PlayStation 5. This handy mount will allow you to fix the console on the wall, provide a secure fixation, and give a unique minimalist design to the interior.

Can’t Do It Without a Stand?

how to attach ps5 stand

The question of how to put PS5 vertically without a stand worries many console owners. And in fact, everything is very simple – it is quite stable without a stand. But there is no objective reason not to use the stand because it’s free (it comes with the console), fast (the change of orientation takes a couple of minutes), does not spoil the appearance, and is safe (a large area of contact provides better stability). We strongly recommend spending two minutes fixing the cradle. The only exceptions are single situations when the console needs to be moved or connected several times in a short time.

PS5 Dimensions in Different Positions in CM (Table)

Before buying and in daily use, it will be useful to know the size of PS 5 with and without a stand to plan the gaming area in advance and not do anything by hand. So, even with the first leaks, it became clear that PlayStation 5 would be the biggest device in the history of modern consoles. But it’s not all so clear-cut here.

The main competitor, the Xbox Series X, is indeed smaller when you look at them from the side. But in terms of width, the Series X is noticeably wider. The difference is due to the design approach. Sony’s brainchild is a tribute to a futuristic vision with the grace of jagged lines, while Microsoft’s is a tribute to tradition, a classic look in a modern package. Such differences drastically change the approach to layout, but today let’s look at both variations of Sony’s console in a summary table. Remember – the PS 5 with the stand is slightly larger in length and height parameters.

PS5 Dimensions in Different Positions in CM (Table)

The new version of the console is significantly larger and heavier than any of the previous models, including the PS4 Pro and Fat variations. Take this into account if you want to install the console in the old gaming area.

The parameters are shown in centimeters, weight in kilograms, and the console’s position is horizontal.

Length, cm Height, cm Width, cm Weight
Blu-Ray DVD 39 10.4 26 4.5 kg
Digital Edition 39 9.2 26 3.9 kg

The size of the stand does not increase a lot – a couple of centimeters, but that too should be taken into account. If you don’t use discs, the Digital Edition is a good option – it’s cheaper than the standard and 500g lighter, smaller, and looks sleeker and more compact.

Best Solution for Effectively Cooling PlayStation 5

PC owners, and human logic in general, think that a vertical arrangement is better for cooling. The idea is simple – the “chimney effect“, where cold air is taken from below and drafted out from above, and the memory from physics class that the larger the radiator area, the better, makes you think it works the same way here.

But Sony’s engineers say it doesn’t matter, and you can put the console any way you want, keeping in mind the mounting features. The company’s engineers, when asked about the PS 5’s ventilation, stressed:

  • “The chimney effect” doesn’t play a role because of the fan-based active cooling and is at the margin of error;
  • The fan and its modes are chosen so that the location does not matter;
  • The main thing is not to close the ventilation grilles and clean the dust on time. Then the location will not affect the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Cooling Stand

You can also buy a flat cooling pad for PlayStation 5 separately. The effectiveness of such products is difficult to judge. In general, you need to consider each model carefully. They are mainly designed to be placed on the side because of the location of the ventilation slot, but there are also vertical models. This solution will be interesting for those thinking of buying a PS5 from someone, but the seller does not have a stand for some reason. So drive down the price and buy a cooling stand. It can replace the native one and has more functionality. May serves as a charger for the joystick, has additional ports, and so on. Usually, you can put them right on the floor or on the table – the hot air goes out from the bottom, and there is a special groove channel under it.

The usefulness of such a device is hard to talk about. The console has good ventilation, and this is the best variation of cooling fan for PS5. However, if you play demanding games with ray tracing in 4K, the additional cooling will not hurt because it implies the transition to performance mode. You can also check out articles with TV settings for comfortable 4K gaming and co-gaming.

What to Do With Disk Drive?

ps5 ventilation

Another important point for owners of versions with a disk drive. Many people are used to inserting the disk horizontally in the home, so this configuration is the easiest and most understandable. On the other hand, few people use discs today, and a lot of it is a matter of habit, not convenience.

Here are a few rules for the arrangement of the PS5 with the drive, which will ensure comfortable use:

  • When selecting furniture, be aware that the drive has a stroke, and it shouldn’t get caught up against ledges;
  • When using a bracket, make sure you’re comfortable inserting the drive and don’t hang it too high so you don’t have to look for a chair constantly;
  • PS 5 should be easily accessible. Otherwise, there is a risk of incorrectly inserting the disc – read how to insert it correctly and what to do if it gets stuck.

How to Keep PS5 Safe in Any Arrangement

We figured out how to install the console. Now some tips on how to keep it safe:

  1. Place the console higher. This advice is universal for all equipment. The higher up, the less dust, the less chance to spill something and accidentally snag the case. By the way, if you spilled sweet water on the joystick and it stopped working, familiarize yourself with how to take it apart and dry it out;
  2. Choose furniture with borders or make them yourself by buying decorative self-tapping screws;
  3. Do not put the console in narrow places. Often the PS 5 is set in grooves that are not designed for this. This creates a risk of overheating. There are two options – in a niche should be enough space, not close to the case, or cut a hole for ventilation yourself;
  4. Use a PlayStation case when you are not using it or going away for a long time. When playing, especially newer games with 4K, HDR, and 120Hz support and ray tracing, it’s best to take it off to avoid overheating. This will protect it from dust, but it will also help maintain an attractive appearance and help with resale.

Useful Video

Today we know all the basic nuances regarding the console’s location in the room. From the orientation and aesthetic issues to the purely technical aspects of attaching the stand for PS 5 and the influence of the position in space on the work of the cooling system. Knowing this and the exact parameters of the case, you can choose the most successful place and furniture for the design of the gaming area, and most importantly, do it as quickly as possible to protect the equipment from dust and chips. In the rest – full room for creativity. Sony engineers made a good fixing system, and the owners can change the position of the stand even every day or fix the PS 5 on the wall.