How to Remove PS5 Covers


The new game console from Sony has got removable panels, which allows users to clean or even replace some components independently without going to the service center. But you need to do it carefully. Read the article below about how to remove PS5 covers without damaging anything.

Why Take off the Side Panel?

A few of the main reasons why you might need to remove the panel:

  • Dust. Like any other technical device in this class, the console needs cooling. And since the system here is air, air flows will constantly pass through the case, which means that dust will settle, which must be removed on time;
  • Switchable panels. In 2021, Sony introduced five colors for the PlayStation 5 panels. Blue, pink and purple were added to the original white color scheme over the summer, and by the end of the year, a complete list was available, including scarlet and black coloring.
  • Curiosity. The console remains scarce, and many reviewers want to share with others the design features of the PlayStation 5.

How to Disassemble a PlayStation 5 Case

How to disassemble a PlayStation 5 case

It should be said right away that the removal process is quite simple, but you have to act carefully not to damage the internal elements of the console. But don’t be afraid – all working surfaces are closed inside, and the owner will only be able to see the cooler.

To orient, let’s do the following: let’s put the console with the front side facing us (where the power button is).

Removing Right Panel

The first thing we do is place the console horizontally, with the PS logo facing the floor. Then we find the top corner of the console, the ones closer to each other, and lift it, sliding it to the side. It is easy to remove the cover, but it is necessary to apply force to make the latch-clip pop out.

Removing Left Panel

How to disassemble the PS5 case

Turn the console upside down, positioning it to the PS logo at the top (the ports should be facing you). Grab the edge (just above the logo), lift it a half-inch and snap it off. Slide it off, done.


You can do this if, for example, you want to replace the original PS5 case with a custom one. We put the panel with the corresponding side slightly lower than initially placed. You will feel how it has fallen into place.

Now you need to grab the top of console with your hand, and with the other hand, slide it up with the palm of your hand until it clicks. The design has a system of latches. You can not insert the replacement housing PS5 incorrectly – it just will not fit, or there will be gaps visible.

If you encounter difficulties, then we recommend that you read the official documentation from Sony.

Video Tutorial

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about removing the removable side panels of the PlayStation 5. Sony decided not to invent something difficult and implemented a system that had been working for a long time. The main thing is not to be afraid to apply a little force – if it does not go, it is worth checking whether the cover is in its place and at what angle the pressure is applied.

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