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To release a new console, companies treat responsibly – the result of several years of work should pay off and be better than the competitors. In this race, manufacturers strive to do everything possible to deserve gamers’ enthusiasm. In addition to updating the appearance and “iron” of consoles, controllers are also updated. It would seem that there is nothing to change – they worked fine since PS 2, but such important and useful features today, and features such as light indication, ergonomic design, and sticks with resistance – give to feel next-gen with their hands. Attention is also paid to charging, as USB Type-C support and wireless mode have become the norm. In this article, we’ll analyze if you can leave your PS5 controller on the charging station, the consequences, and how to charge the joystick properly.

How to Charge Dualsense Wireless Controller Correctly

Let’s look at all the popular, safe, and not-so-safe ways to charge the DualSense. The classic version involves using the power cable that comes with the PlayStation 5. Then everything is simple – the narrow part into the power jack of the gamepad, the wide – into the USB port of the console. Finally, if they fit, you can use other cables and connect them to your PC for charging.

How to Charge Dualsense Wireless Controller

An important point – you can charge the controller from PS5 only when it is ON. If you turn off the console (not from the outlet, but with the power button), charging will not go. But there is an alternative – to put the console at rest, pre-setting in the menu, the power supply to the USB in this mode. It is performed:

  1. Go to the standard menu “Settings” – recognizable gear icon;
  2. Go to “System”;
  3. Power saving tab and find the item about functions in idle mode;
  4. Now you can specify how long the device will supply power to the port after going to rest.

It is recommended to put the value at 3 hours, as it is enough.

Charging Without PS5 Console

charge ps5 controller without ps5

For absolutely different reasons, PlayStation 5 users have questions about how to charge DualSense without PS5. So let’s say it is possible right away, and if you have a broken connector or no wire, you can try two safe ways of charging: from the charging station or a portable charger (Powerbank).

The first case involves using Sony’s original docking station, which can serve two controllers at the same time. Inserted in the slot, you will notice that the light starts blinking – charging started. However, the official station is pretty expensive, so you can look at models from China. The choice should be taken seriously – buy from reputable sellers and more or less popular models with reviews. After all, this device affects the battery, and its selection should be approached responsibly.

You can charge DualSense from a regular portable charger for your phone – the power bank has a USB output, so connect it with a standard wire, just like a console or PC.

Charging From AC Mains

Sony console owners often ask if they can charge the PS 5 controller using their phone charger. Of course, you can charge the controller using a regular smartphone charger by simply plugging it in. But we strongly advise against doing so and using any other, non-designated third-party power supplies.

charge ps5 controller with phone charger

The DualSense is quite sensitive to current and voltage, like all electronics. As a result, plugging in overpowered chargers, especially those that support the fast-charge feature, carries a real risk of disabling the batteries. If you have no choice, use chargers from old smartphones – they are low-powered, and you will have to wait longer, but the risk of breaking the joystick is reduced.

If some problems start, and there is no warranty, you can disassemble the case yourself and look at the state of the boards, and, at the same time, clean the device from dust. Overheating is the cause of many malfunctions, so if during charging you feel that the controller or PS5 itself is warm, we recommend removing side panels and cleaning them carefully from dust.

Charging All Night

Gamers are familiar with the situation when you want to play popular nextgen titles while sitting on a comfortable couch. But the charge of the gamepad is in the critical sector. Faced with this situation, many players begin to leave the DualSense on charge at night to play comfortably during the day, especially if a game with a friend is planned. Can I leave my PS5 gamepad in the charging station? Yes, modern gamepads batteries and the architecture of the docking station allow you not to worry about overcharging, but we are still talking about the original.

This topic has been brought up on Reddit and users confirm from their own experience that it doesn’t hurt the controllers.

Using the official DualSense charging station, you can leave the gamepad overnight or store it there permanently. It’s convenient and practical, and the battery is perfectly safe.

How to Know When PS5 Controller Is Fully Charged

How to Know When PS5 Controller Is Fully Charged

I am using the indication. The light panel starts blinking orange smoothly when plugged in, which continues until fully charged (the blinking stops, and the panel goes out). You can also press and hold the “PS” button – at the bottom, there will be an icon that visualizes the degree of charge. Three bars means a full charge.

The charging dock for the controller does not display the degree of charge because it can charge two devices simultaneously.


How to eliminate the DualSense controller delay has already been told, and about the charging options, too. Now let’s look at popular questions.

How Long does DualSense Take to Charge?

PS5 controller charging time with a fully discharged battery, assuming it is functional, is 2 hours.

How Long Does a DualSense Battery Last on a Single Charge?

DualSense battery life depends directly on the game, not on its support for raising 4K at 120 fps, but on the functionality involved. As for the numbers, 5 hours of available joystick should be enough for any game. Average ranges around 11-12 hours.

Does DualSense Stop Charging When Full?

Another popular and unfounded fear of console owners is whether DualSense stops charging when fully charged, and the answer is yes. You can not be afraid to recharge the device if you use the official Sony docking station. The reliability of replicas from China needs to be in each case separately.

Can You Use DualSense While Chargin?

From everyday life, many people know that not all devices can be used when the battery is powered. But can I use my PS5 controller while it’s charging? Yes, use a wired connection and play, as long as it does not harm your comfort, as there is no harm to the controller from such use.

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Joysticks PlayStation 5 is not perfect, but Sony engineers took into account past mistakes and added useful features without which you can not imagine a modern input device. The ergonomic case, nice design, and tactile feel, and on top of that, the possibility of wireless use – that’s why DualSense became so popular. In this article, we tried to dispel all the popular myths and talk about controller charging in detail. So, put the DualSense on a charge overnight, play with a cord, and don’t be afraid of overcharging – those fears are a thing of the past. When buying a console from someone, the only thing is to pay attention to the PS 5 itself and to the controller – it’s electronics, and even it is not immune to breakage.

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