How to Properly Insert a Disc in PS5


After purchasing a PS5 game console, novice gamers don’t always know how to use the device correctly. So, to avoid problems in further use, we decided to break down one of the main issues, how to properly insert a disc in PS5. Also, in this article, we will consider how to eject and other vital features.

How to Insert a Game Disc Into the Console

The PS 5 drive is arranged the same way as on the fourth. Therefore, it can be inserted into the game console from different sides, depending on whether the PS5 placing vertically or horizontally. In addition, all console models come with a special stand.

In Horizontal Position

If the game console is installed on a surface in a horizontal position, for example, like a DVD player or other device, you need to insert the disc into the PS5 with the image upwards. The PlayStation 4 is installed in the same way when the device is placed without a stand. This is the standard installation option, as with most players. Inserting does not require you to press the eject button. Instead, you need to bring it gently to the particular hole, and then the drive itself will tighten it automatically.

In Vertical Position

Which side to insert the disk vertically into the PS5

If the game console is positioned vertically, insert the disc into the drive in the following way. First, hold the blue-ray disk in your hand with the picture up. When bringing it to the drive, the image should be on the left side. The disc should be held carefully by the edges so as not to smear the surface with fingerprints.

Some users wonder if a scratched disc can be inserted into the PlayStation 5. The disc drive may refuse to read information, especially if there are too many scratches on the surface, including deep scratches. With minor scratches, it is possible to run the game. Sometimes this is not possible on the first try. When buying a new game disc or a second-hand one, check the surface for scratches.

What Kind of CDs do Will Work?

What discs can the PS5 read

Many users are concerned about whether it is possible to insert a disc from PS4 into the console PS5? Any physical media designed for the PlayStation 4 game console will run on console PS5. It is important to note that previously purchased games will work better. Loading the application is faster, and the frame rate increases and stabilizes.

Despite the benefits, the manufacturer has warned all gamers that there may be bugs and glitches in games for the PS4. Not all functions work. Game consoles have different parameters, so there may be some problems when launching the application. Here is shown how to put any PS CDs in your Blue-Ray drive.

What to Do if Blue-Ray Disk Is Not Readable

If you installed the media the right way round, but it is not readable by the set-top box, try removing and wiping it. Do it with a soft cloth that will not scratch the shiny surface. If all these manipulations did not help solve the problem, try checking the disc drive with another BD. When the media is not readable, you should take the unit to a service center.

How to Eject a CD From a PS5 Console

How to take the disc out of the PS5

The installation is not too difficult, but you should figure out how to remove the disc from the ps5. So, you inserted the disk and played, but how to remove it? There are two ways:

  • It can be extracted with a special button called eject. It is exclusively for ejecting. Pressing it will automatically eject the blue-ray disk from the drive.
  • Use the remote eject method. The method is suitable for gamers who are too lazy to get off the couch. First, you need to enter the game console menu. Next, you need to hover over the icon with the game and select “Options”. In the window that appears, find the item “Remove Disk”. Click on this inscription. It will allow you to remove the disc with the game through the Playstation menu.

There are no difficulties in extracting the DVD, and it is enough to follow the instructions given above. But there is another question for users, whether it is necessary to remove the disc from the device or leave it in the drive. There is no exact answer to this question, but many users assure us that nothing wrong will happen if the Blue Ray Disk remains in the drive.

Remember, as long as the media is in the drive, it will attempt to start. If the action is constant, the drive will fail quickly. Experienced gamers recommend removing the Blue Ray Disk at the end of the game.

Disc Is Stuck – What to Do?

The media can get stuck in the disc drive through inexperience or mishandling. This can happen if the console falls while playing a game or the user has inserted a Blue Ray Disk without removing the first one. In this case, you will have to disassemble the game console. You will need to unscrew the drive-by first disconnecting both panels.

Video Tutorial

Now every novice user knows which side to insert the disk into the PS5. However, you have to be careful not to scratch or dirty the shiny surface. Otherwise, playback from the media will be problematic. Buying the console, especially with the hands, you should check the functionality at once so that the acquisition does not bring disappointment in the future.

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