Do You Need a 4K TV and 120 FPS for PS5 Games?


Sony PlayStation 5 became a new stage in video games, giving unprecedented user performance and several useful features. But the console – is a link of the whole chain because the final user experience is formed by considering all the devices necessary for quality entertainment. We are talking about the monitor because it visually clarifies all the possibilities of iron. Let’s figure out whether you need a 4K TV and 120 FPS for PS5 or if it is not a determining factor.

Are 4K and 120 FPS So Important in Games?

Shortly, yes. The main reasons:

  • The quality and resolution of the picture in 4K are four times higher than the past 1080p HD standard. All fifth-generation Sony consoles support this mode, without exception;
  • Connecting an old monitor, you will probably encounter the inability to use modern features and not unleash the maximum potential of the console. But in tandem with PlayStation 5, even Full HD TV will be able to give many of today’s games for the fifth version of the Sony console excellent picture, the technology allows, and performance is virtually eliminated all the lags and freezes. But for comparison – the quality of the picture will improve in comparison with PlayStation 4 even without the 4K screen;
  • There are many arguments on the Internet that Full HD is enough. We will not get into an old argument, but we will say: that there is a difference between these resolutions and frequencies. And it is, of course, in favor of the modern format.

Key Technical Features

Before buying, it is necessary to study the main characteristics of TVs, which will reveal the maximum capabilities of the console and immediately determine the diagonal size, taking into account the distance to the display device. And learn how to enable 4K on PS5, knowing the importance of certain parameters in advance.

Screen Diagonal

Engineers have long ago derived a formula for calculating the correct TV size for a person based on the size of the room. On average, the distance from the retina to the screen is divided by 3.5. With gamers, everything is more complicated because the degree of immersion is important here, which implies the ability to consider the smallest parts on the screen. That’s why gamers often ask when choosing what kind of TV you need for the PS 5 and usually consider options from 50 inches. But there is a nuance – online shooters require full-screen coverage with the eye.

Large diagonal angles and sides will not be covered, making the starting position worse. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the copy you like in the game before buying and be guided solely by your preferences.


Everything is as simple as possible – the panel must have the prefix “4K” and a resolution of at least 3840×2160 pixels. Actually, from here comes the image quality – for Full HD 1920×1080 pixels, the ideal size in the region of 35-40 inches because the number of dots on larger panels will increase graininess and reduce picture quality. 4K already looks much more solid, even on screens from 50 inches.

Refresh Rate

ps5 4k and 120hrz

The second important parameter. Not many games support 120 hertz on the PS5. But here, note that the prefix to the name “4K” does not mean support for 120 fps. Inexpensive models are limited to 60 fps, and despite the high resolution, you can not get the most from the console.

Therefore, fans of online shooters and high image smoothness should look for the item “120 Hz” in the characteristics. In addition, it is desirable to have the following technologies: VRR, FreeSync, G-Sync, and AMD, which allow software frequency synchronization between the PlayStation 5 and the TV.

Matrix Type

With the proper approach, you can find a suitable TV with an LCD matrix, but still, it is better to look at modern solutions:

  • QLED and ULED with organic backlighting;
  • OLED is based on self-emitting LEDs.

The preference is given to modern OLED technology. But QLED and ULED are also good choices. Decide in advance what is more important – realism and color rendering or frame rate and contrast, respectively, preference to IPS or VA models.


ps5 hdr

Even the best hardware is of no value without quality software and features. Below is a list of the really important technologies that will improve the gaming experience and are on par with the question of whether you need 120 hertz for PS 5 (the answer is yes if the priority is image smoothness and quality):

  1. HDR or High Dynamic Range, preferably from version 10 and up. The importance of HDR is talked about everywhere and not without reason. The feature intelligently adjusts image parameters, making light scenes bright and colorful and dark scenes saturated, resulting in a picture for gamers in which every element, regardless of lighting, looks pleasing;
  2. Dolby Vision. A range of solutions allows the system to process HDR video data and adjust it for different types of screens. It’s no secret that TVs vary in brightness, contrast, and other factors. Dolby Vision will make sure that users will see the graphics the way the creators saw them;
  3. DTS:X. An audio codec whose specificity is to process sound and form a surround sound effect that would resemble the propagation of sound waves in real life;
  4. DCI-P3. This feature includes a set of coordinate data and a representation of natural light from almost the entire spectrum. In other words, it covers the widest part of the spectrum.

Important Moments

Before you buy a TV, it is a good idea to know the response time of a particular model. The point is that from the moment you press the button and the picture changes on the TV, a certain amount of time passes, and the shorter it is, the better. But the sellers and manufacturers are not in a hurry to share this information. So it would be best if you looked for it on the Internet beforehand. For orientation – anything less than 12 milliseconds is a good indicator.

A little more about the refresh rate (not frames): TV frequencies and the set-top box must match. Otherwise, what happens on the screen will lag behind reality. Is especially noticeable in the online shooters and somewhat reminiscent of the problem with a high ping. When what happens is displayed with a serious delay, it is impossible to play comfortably. In addition, the HDMI versions need to match to be sure there is no misalignment. So the answer to whether you need HDMI 2.1 on the PS 5 is definitely yes. In addition, there should be support for the VRR option, and then the console will be able to show its maximum. But even here, there are nuances, such as the fact that HDMI 2.1 support does not mean support for 120 Hz, HDR, and 4K.

4K Games for PS5

Ray Tracing Games for PS5

Also, we should not forget that not all PS 5 games support 120 fps, and certainly not in 4K resolution. We recommend defining priority titles and deciding the practicality of buying a high-resolution monitor based on it. The list of Sony products is growing, but there are already such masterpieces as DOOM Eternal, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, and Call of Duty: Warzone. A complete list can be found here.

Here Are Some Examples…

Despite the high cost and higher probability of matrix burnout, it is better to look at OLED displays. In addition to the lack of problems with backlighting (the matrix is self-emitting), these models usually come with full support for HDR, which means that the console itself will connect and configure everything automatically. On LCD TVs, there may be some problems, up to the fact that you will have to turn off HDR technology. But this is a case where you can’t predict in advance.

Of the great variety, the highest quality is:

  • Models equipped with Samsung Smart TV for PS 5, like the Samsung QE65Q60A;
  • Or Android-based models like the Sony 50X81;
  • And where without the universally recognized classics – LG C1 OLED.

There are quite a few worthy models, so check out the best TVs for PlayStation 5 with ratings and expert reviews here.

TVs and Monitors With Higher Resolution

There are 8K resolution TVs on sale, and many stubbornly advise their purchase. However, in practice, the PS5 console, although it is advanced, cannot pull some projects even in 4K 120 fps. You will be able to assess the detail and quality of the matrix. Of course, but only by installing 8K wallpaper on the desktop. In other cases, it is useless.

Useful Video

Whether you need a 4K TV for PS 5 depends directly on the user’s expectations and willingness to spend on expensive models. Many good games do not yet have 4K 120-hertz support, but the console also shows good results on Full HD screens. Suppose the goal is Sony’s latest titles, and the main factor is image quality. In that case, you can not do without a TV with super high resolution – it is a completely different level of gameplay and a unique experience.

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