How to Gameshare on PS5 With Friends


Games for Sony consoles cost a lot of money, especially at the start of sales. But you don’t have to buy them yourself. Sharing copies of popular titles purchased on digital platforms on PS5 has become much more manageable. So how to gameshare on PS5 with (1, 2, 3) friends without costs and unpleasant surprises? Tell us below.

How to Enable PS5 Share Play

The ability to share your favorite games has been available since the PS4. So gamers feared in vain that Sony would decide to get rid of this feature in subsequent generations of consoles. But game share, an unspoken name for the ability to share apps and PSN in PS5, became even more popular because of function simplicity in terms of configuration.

  1. To activate the function, log in to your friend’s account on your PS5. How to Gameshare on PS5 With Friends
  2. Go to “Settings” -> “Users and accounts”.
  3. Select “Other” (third from the end).
  4. A selection menu will appear on the right – the first item you need is “Console sharing and offline play”. How to Enable PS5 Share Play

Enabling PlayStation 5 game sharing implies that digital content from an account can be used on that console. But you can log into the console with a personal account, and you can even unplug your friend’s PlayStation from the power or Internet. So it won’t affect functionality. In addition, the feature is convenient because once you set up sharing, users get access to a friend’s games directly from their account, regardless of the status and status of the other PS.

Note – you can bind one set-top box to a profile using “Share”.

Choose your hobbies friend as carefully as possible because you’re sharing personal information with the person, and you can’t connect to another user’s library unless you turn off the feature. The system works both ways – you can share and link to someone else.

SharePlay Setup

PS5 game share

Here are detailed instructions on how to set up Share Play on PlayStation 5:

  • Agree with a friend and get a username and password. If you live close to him, he can log into his account on your PS5;
  • Go to “Sharing” using the description above;
  • Connect and download the games and apps you want to use;
  • Log out of your friend’s profile and log in to yours.

That’s all – now you know how to share games on PS5 with a friend. If there is a need to turn off access to content, you need to go to the tab “Console sharing and offline play”. At the bottom, there will be a “Disable” button.

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How to Gameshare on PS5 to PS4

The question of how to share games from PS5 to PS4 often confuses owners of different versions of consoles, but everything is solved. There is no need to perform any deactivation – the procedure is entirely similar to the one described in the first paragraph – enable sharing. At the end of the function description, you can see a line that says that these actions do not affect the system PS4, so discard all doubts.


How to Gameshare on PS5 to PS4

The function is simple enough, but users often have questions about the different parts. Below we explain the main points:

  • The friend console can be disabled. You can still play online and offline if you installed a copy of the game for yourself;
  • The entire process saves, and achievements will be unique. They do not depend on the actions of the other player;
  • Having just one copy of the game for two can be played together even online;
  • The service also applies to PS Plus.

Users may see “View Product” or a lock icon when installing games via sharing while the game is downloading. It’s okay. It doesn’t prevent you from sharing the games on PS5 with a friend because the inscription will change to “Play” after installation.

About Safety

Many users are frightened that Sony used to allow the use of “twos” only within one family, which was explicitly stated on the official website. Now there are no such restrictions. Share Play is a legal way to share digital content with friends and relatives without violating the usage policy. The change is fundamental – now you can find a friend of interest hundreds of miles away and exchange titles with him, saving money on new purchases.

When it comes to security, don’t give your passwords to someone you don’t trust. If you suspect something is wrong, disconnect it immediately. There is no information about restrictions on the number of disconnections/connections – it is not regulated. But it is strongly recommended not to join various dubious groups of mass accounts and be serious about finding a trusted person.

We also recommend reading the official information from Sony on this page.

Video Tutorial

Sony understands the needs of players and meets them well, allowing them to save money and simplify popular features. So it’s easy to set up sharing from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 between different accounts. The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions in the article and not to participate in fraudulent schemes.

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