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Technology is advancing, and electronics are improving, but problems are becoming more serious along with it. If previously many breakdowns could be fixed by yourself, now these are high-tech modules that require special, expensive equipment and experience to work with. Moreover, some units now can’t even be legally repaired by yourself, as they need re-flashing the system. However, the malfunctions are not always serious because the means of protection are also improving. Today we will consider situations when the console hangs, and gamers have to look for how to close apps and games on PS5, whether it is safe, and whether to contact technical support if the situation repeats.

How to Close Games on PS5

How do I close a game on PS5? First, press the “Home” button, aka “PS” (located between the left and right joystick). You can read the user guide of the controller because since the DualShock 4, some buttons, such as the “Options” button on the PS5, have changed their location and shape.

Then, in the Switcher menu, you have to select the application you’re using (under “Active”) and press the “X” button. Another window will pop up – it has only three options:

  • Go back to the game;
  • Go to Game Hub;
  • Close the game.

If you exit incorrectly, the applications don’t close but minimize and work in the background. But if you run another game to play together with a friend, the PS5 will close the previous game automatically.

If the console is stuck, we recommend launching it in safe mode and selecting “Restart”.

Application, Game, Service: Why It Freezes?

ps5 stuck on closing game

Generally, there should be fewer glitches on the new generation consoles: the consoles check the publisher of the applications and do not run unsigned code. This protects users from installing unlicensed programs with viruses or malicious software and Aimbot for PS5. But in reality, any console hangs, and today let’s look at the main causes of this phenomenon with applications, games, and even when watching YouTube and Netflix.

Check to see if the console has overheated. If the console has started to make a jet engine noise while playing a game, that’s a red flag. But, of course, you shouldn’t refuse to play non-nextgen titles with ray tracing in 4K and 120 FPS – that’s why you bought the current version of the console and picked up the right 4K TV for full immersion.

We recommend removing the side covers of the PS5. This is done easily and does not violate the manufacturer’s warranty conditions – the main thing is not to tear off the protective stickers on the screws of some modules. If a lot of dust has accumulated under the case – get rid of it. You can use a can of compressed air, a lint-free cloth, or even a vacuum cleaner.

DualSense controller can also be cleaned. Thankfully it can be easily disassembled, and you can save it from being drenched with sweet drinks. We recommend reading the materials on how to buy a console from hand and prepare a PS5 for sale – some nuances affect the console’s performance and its final cost.

How to Protect Your PS5 From Overheating

Saving you from overheating and the resulting malfunctions helps with the following simple tips:

  1. Properly position the console – whether vertically or horizontally, most importantly with a stand;
  2. Do not play too long in demanding games – 3-4 hours and let the console rest;
  3. Take off the protective cover when you play;
  4. Pay attention to the appearance of new noise. It is not always critical – the sticker tongue on the fan or incorrectly inserted and stuck the disk in the drive can make a noise, but it is better to keep the situation under control;
  5. It is desirable to place the console higher up (reducing the risks of dust, moisture, and accidental bumps), securely fastening the case and leaving enough room for air exchange.

Also, the console may be slow with a good Internet connection – this can be eliminated independently. Poor optimization may also cause lag in the applications – we have to wait for the official patches. If you have a laggy system, we can advise you to reset to factory settings – there are nuances in selecting parameters. Read the article.

PS5 Stuck on Closing a Game

How to Close Apps and Games on PS5

Suppose your PS5 gets stuck on closing the same game or app once – it’s okay. Just restart the console. However, if the situation repeats constantly, this is also normal – the error is common and can be treated by reinstalling the game and resetting to factory settings.

Reinstalling and resetting solves the problem with the console freezing when loading the following games (users complain most often):

  • Godfall;
  • Spider-Man;
  • Demon’s Souls;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Error CE-34878-0

Brought to a separate section for the convenience of visual search. The error occurs quite often in the popular games No Man’s Sky and Call of Duty Vanguard on PS4 and PS5 (more often on the last generation, but still). Suppose you notice a significant difference between pressing the joystick button and the action on the screen in the game. In that case, we recommend you manually adjust the input lag of the controller.

The error code CE-34878-0, in general, is not terrible – the application has crashed but will probably recover at the next launch, and you will not notice the consequences. Bad if the error begins to occur frequently, then we recommend the following:

  • Restart the game and console, letting it stand for 5 minutes without power;
  • Update the game and the system. By the way, PS4 games can be run on PS5, upgrading to the current version;
  • In the case of the PS4, Sony also advises paying attention to the hard drive. With PS5, the situation is similar;
  • Clear the cache of your PlayStation system;
  • Reinstall the game. Do not be afraid to lose your saves – they can be saved on a flash drive. If necessary, the data can be transferred between consoles of different generations.

To avoid problems with consoles, we recommend buying them from proven sites. This is the key to getting a simple device and, therefore, the warranty service. When contacting the service center, it is better to call by phone if the malfunction is serious and help is needed urgently. The operator on duty will need information about the console’s serial number, revision, and model.

Useful Video

The development of electronics and consoles, in particular, leads to their improvement, but it is impossible to repair most of the modules yourself. In this article, we told you how to avoid overheating and, consequently, system bugs and situations when you have to terminate a game or application. But in most cases, single errors and lags are not dangerous and can be treated with a simple reboot from PS5 safe mode. But if the console began to shut down by itself or turn on with the TV, it is the subject of separate articles, and yes, to solve these problems often you can find yourself, without recourse to the service center Sony.

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