How to Check Your PS5 Serial Number and Model Number


Electronics are the backbone of the modern world. Manufacturers are trying to create the most energy-efficient and powerful devices and protect customers from counterfeit. This is also true for Sony consoles – today, we tell you how to check your PS5 serial number and model number, distinguish a fake from the original, and what protections consoles have.

Fakes Are Dangerous?

All consoles on the shelves of official stores are genuine. This guarantees that the manufacturer not only confirms the quality of the product but also undertakes to solve problems if malfunctions occur. You get the device, which you are obliged to take to the service center and consult about the issues that have arisen.

Often, unscrupulous sellers sell “gray” models on marketplaces. They have not been officially imported into the country, so Sony is not obliged to do anything in case of a breakdown. Even if you have a warranty, you’ll either have to go to another country, which sounds absurd or by going to an unofficial service center and paying for repairs.

And buying a joystick dock on Aliexpress, which you can leave on a charge overnight, can be a bargain, but with the console, everything is different. There is a scheme when sellers buy boxes from official models and pack them with fake cases, and in them – are the consoles of the previous generation or non-working copies.

How Can You Tell if PS5 Box Has Been Opened?

Visually – the traces of cuts on the cardboard, lack of protective film, seals, and incomplete equipment (the same applies to the instructions). It is important to understand that when ordering online, the box can be opened by the store employees and put a filled warranty. So the opened box is not a reason to panic. It is bad if there are traces of use on the case, or it is noticeable that the side panels were removed and screws were unscrewed. But everything depends on the situation – the console could have been standing in the store window, and the employees took it out of the box and unscrewed the fixing screws to position the PS5 correctly.

Of course, there are no serial numbers and seals on the replicas. Although when you buy PS5 from hand, we recommend not limiting yourself to external inspection and reading how to check the “iron” correctly, as well as reading the list of models below.

Important! Sony controlles are also fake – check them, especially if you plan to play new games with friends.

How to Check if Your PS5 Original

Check if the PS5 is original – look at the seals and serial number. The number consists of 17 (mandatory) characters. Look for it on the bottom of the PS5 (the part where the console stands) when it is upright. They do not write the serial number on the box! If the seller shows you the number on the box, and when you check it, you see that it is real – in front of you, a cheater, the box shows only the model and revision.

Box and Console Seals

how to check if ps5 is original

Now the seals are on the box, near the opening. They look like transparent stickers or scotch tape rounded shapes. Is it reliable? It is reliable enough – you can remove the seal without cutting it, but the paint will peel off the cardboard and be noticeable.

There are also warranty seals. When buying in the store, you can not look at them. It’s more of a reinsurance company – they say that you have not opened the case and did not break or change something yourself in use. If you buy it by hand, check the warranty and the integrity of the PlayStation 5. There are warranty seals under the side panels. It is noteworthy that you can clean your PlayStation 5 without opening them. If the seller says otherwise – most likely the console has already been repaired in a service center or yourself, as these seals are on the access to the boards.

DualSense Controller

dualsense serial number verify

The gamepad is also easy to open and clean from dust, but a detailed disassembly is needed only in case of breakage or if the controller was drowned. To check the controller, you can:

  1. Run Astro’s Playroom game. DualSense supports different features – adaptive triggers, different vibration frequencies, and variable button resistance. We recommend checking it in this game because in new next-gen games with ray-tracing support or 4K resolution with high fps up to 120 frames beautiful graphics, but does not involve so many features of the joystick at the same time;
  2. Check the serial number of the 17-character DualSense. It is on the back of the case, near the QR code.

If your joystick responds to pressing with a delay, check these parameters. This also applies to PS5 – if it lags when the Internet is good or spontaneously shuts down in a game, most likely it is not a hardware failure, and you can fix it yourself, especially if you’re preparing to sell. But if the warranty is still valid, try methods without breaking the seal, and then contact the service center.

Disc Drive

check ps5 disc drive

While checking, test the drive’s opening through both the gamepad and the physical buttons on the console. And we have already told you how to insert the disk into PS5 correctly. For the test to fit any disc with the game PS4 or PS5, you do not run the application and test the work. However, we have already written how to run old games on the new console.

Choose right TV for test. How to choose a good model of 4K TV is already told, but remember that even with full functionality there may be faults in the settings, such as the case when the console spontaneously starts up along with turning on the TV.

Checking Status of Playstation Store System (Ban)

The set-top box can be serviceable, officially imported, and sold in your country. In this case, the user has access to all the wallet’s updates, purchases, and connections. But if the owner has received a ban in the system, it imposes restrictions, and you need to know about this before buying. Here’s how to check it:

  1. First, find out whether the firmware version – is current or outdated;
  2. Look for the top right menu “Settings” – it looks like a six;
  3. Go to: “System” -> “System software” -> “Console info”;
  4. Compare the version you have with the current version;
  5. If it matches, all is well. No – go to the previous directory and select “Update system software” – the option “via the Internet”.

Now conclude – if you saw a message like “the console is banned and the update is impossible”, as well as an error, you will not have access to PSN. We recommend trying to update even if the current version is installed – you will see a message like “Installation is not required. You have the latest version of the software”. This will take away from the situation when the ban was received recently.

Fake vs. Real PS5 Console: How They Differ

Fake vs. Real PS5 Console: How They Differ

Let’s analyze the main points which differ between fake and real PS5:

  1. Fake has no certificates, the seals are torn off, there is no serial number, or it is not in the database. Remember that the code can be read and written on the box is a trick of dishonest sellers. You won’t be able to enter the code to check it yourself – use Sony support – some contacts can be found on the official website with solutions;
  2. The package must be as officially stated;
  3. Stand is important. It provides stability and proper cooling of the console. We recommend checking the stand screw and comparing it with the revision on the box. So, for the first revision, the screw is tightened using a screwdriver or flat object, and the second – is screwed by hand (there is a special notch for a comfortable grip on the sides). Everything should fit;
  4. The price of Sony game boxes is common knowledge. A slight deviation in either direction is acceptable, but it is worth thinking about if the console is sold too cheap. It will probably be original but with defects in the OS or hardware.

Remember – these are the main points to look at, but if you notice other differences or suspicious features, don’t ignore them.

How Model Code Affects

First, we’ll tell you where to find the model number. Like the seventeen-digit serial number, you can see it on the bottom of the PS5 (next to the barcode) or directly on the box.

The barcode consists of 12 digits in the format 71171954XXXXX. It is a UPC in the American standard, which allows you to get information and trace the product in the store or on the seller’s website.

The number looks like a format entry: CFI + 100x + A or B. The letters CFI do not change, the numbers and letters A and B denote the model.

And another common misconception is that a PS5 SKU number is not a serial number. They are given to products by retailers for convenient identification, and often the user needs them when ordering something by phone. The retailer can quickly find the right product by providing the operator with a reference number. This is convenient if the device has different models, and you need a specific model in the case of the PS5, for example, a version with a disk drive of 1TB and a certain revision.

PS5 Revisions (Explained)

Let’s look at what each character in the revision model number means:

Symbol Meaning
CFI Unchanged value, code-named PlayStation 5;
1 (first number) Console model, FAT or regular version;
0 (second number) Revision number. The countdown is from 0, so 0 is the first revision;
0x (last two digits) The designation of the console region;
Letters A or B Shows which version of the console is in front of you – A is the regular one with a drive, and B is the digital one.

All available PlayStation 5 revisions on the market at the time this article was updated:

Revision PlayStation 5 (FAT) Digital Edition
First CFI-1008A CFI-1008B
Second CFI-1108A CFI-1108B

There are a lot of talks online about which revision is better. However, experts from the Digital Foundry and YouTube channel Gamers Nexus conducted their independent tests and concluded that there is no distinct difference between the revisions. Thus, in the second revision of the console, Sony engineers reduced the radiator by almost 30%, so it became 300g lighter. But during the cooling system tests, it turned out that the first model heats up more. However, the figures are not too different, so the difference for users will not be noticeable.

Do not forget to clean the console from dust. Don’t place it in tight places (there should be air movement), and everything will be fine. And with overheating, clever system PS5 will shut down by itself, not allowing the critical temperature. Also, experts noticed that the new version works a little louder, which is perfectly normal. Differences in noise can be even between models of the same revision due to the error rate of the fans.

The main thing worth emphasizing is that there is no difference in performance between revisions or within the margin of error. From the pluses of the new revision, we will highlight the handy screw which can be screwed by hand and the weight reduction.

PS5 Model Numbers List

Differences in PS5 model numbers by some countries/regions:

CFI Country
1016A Europe / Middle East
1000 Japan
1008\1108 Russia
1102 Australia
1116 Great Britain
1018 Indonesia
1115 Malaysia

Useful Video

Buying a new Sony console is a joyful moment. But in anticipation of new titles, do not forget that Sony consoles are very popular, and crooks like to counterfeit them. Mandatory items when buying in the store are to check the package and the seals, and with his hands – check the serial number of PS5 and DualSense controller and, if possible, examine the inside of the console and test the games. Don’t look for cheap deals; follow the article’s instructions to buy an original console and enjoy the gameplay.

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