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Welcome to my blog about Sony gaming consoles. On this site, we are looking at the new generation PlayStation 5. I will discuss the nuances of setting up, modifying, and repairing the console and the DualSense gamepad.

Many sites on the web can help you improve your gaming experience on the PS5, but few projects are geared specifically toward PlayStation consoles. My blog shares unique and verified (by my experience and friends who also own a console) information to find a quick and easy answer for new users and even avid gamers.

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Don’t do it if you don’t want to get useful information about the PS5 or if you already have a trusted source. But, my project will give a completely different perspective and user experience. I study in great detail the questions often asked about the PS5, choose one and consistently reveal all of its nuances and solutions. If it’s a problem, I describe the causes and solutions. If it’s just an article – I share useful tricks and lists of suitable games for a particular case.

And if that’s not enough to convince you of the usefulness of my PS5 blog, then pay attention to the pictures and my links to the official and internal help. I take all photos and screenshots for a specific article. This shows that I have the PS5 CONSOLE on hand.

Also, each article has useful links to outside news sites on the topic and official Sony references. In addition, all pages link to relevant articles. Therefore, in addition to solving one issue, I will provide you with many other similar and important information.

About the Author

Egor BorisovMy name is Egor Borisov. I was born and live in Ukraine. I have a small YouTube channel about PlayStation 5 and several other blogs. But here, we will only talk about PlayStation consoles, so let’s not get distracted. I own a PS5, PS4 Pro, and PS3 Slim. An experienced gamer who has played almost all of Sony’s famous hits. I’m also great at modifications, cleaning, and the structure of the consoles and joysticks themselves.

In this blog, I share my experiences with the PS5. I also compare and test consoles from XBOX and past generations of PlayStation.

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