How to Check PS5 When Buying Directly From Someone


Gamers dream of a powerful PC or console of the latest generation. But due to the scarcity and high prices, buying a new Sony console is problematic. As a result, many gamers purchase used models or consoles from resellers. We tell you how to check PS5 when buying directly from hand and save money without suffering from scammers.

Attention to the Seller

Understandably, you want to buy a console quickly, but you shouldn’t be in a hurry. It is worth paying more attention to the seller’s profile than to the PS 5 itself at the initial stage. If the person wants to sell and does not hide the fault, he will give a link to messengers or social networks. Look through them – if the page or avatar are real photos, not pictures, this is a definite plus.

For example, let’s take a few sellers who offer to buy new PlayStation 5 consoles on eBay.

Worth checking out:

  • The date of registration on online sales site. Longer is better;
  • It is good if there is a link to users’ social networks or ratings. Check them. Particular attention should be paid to feedback from other people who have been registered on the site for a long time;
  • Look at the seller’s other posts.

Unscrupulous sellers usually create new accounts because they are blocked and do not want to make contact. Instead, insist on a face-to-face meeting and transfer the communication to social networks.

Attention to Listing

Not all people are crooks, but many like to hide important details. Scrutinize the listing – there may be suspicious points.

It’s enough to clarify the main points:

  1. Cost. Prices for consoles can change, so before physically checking the PlayStation 5 when you buy it from hand, check it for the relevance of the prices of other sellers. Remember – a high price is not a sign of the excellent condition. The price should not differ significantly from the market average. Exceptions are collectible models engraved on the side panels – everything is individual there;
  2. The reason for selling. Of course, a person may get bored, but it is better to ask about the motives for selling. Often it is a defect or some liquid that got into the case;
  3. Photos. Immediately discard options with PS 5 on a white background – they are 99% downloaded from the Internet. As a last resort, ask for additional pictures. An important point – it is not necessary to have hundreds of photos. The main thing is to show the central angles and defects if the seller mentions them. If there are a lot of photos, but a certain angle is constantly ignored, ask to take precisely that one;
  4. Willingness to go to a meeting. If the person is interested and has nothing to hide, he will, without further ado, dump additional photos and agree to give time to check. Be sure to decide on this – you can not check PS5 for authenticity and defects in a couple of minutes. Many malfunctions “emerge” after a while. Given that the console is not cheap agree on the terms in advance.

How to Check PS5 Authenticity

Do not waste your time with outright crooks. Instead, ask the seller for a picture of the console’s serial number (17 digits under the barcode, located on the bottom panel). There’s nothing you can do with this code, so there’s no point hiding it. Once you have the combination of numbers, go to the official Sony website in your area.

We recommend checking out reviews from real customers on Reddit or Quora.

ps5 package

In order for the PS5 serial number check to make sense, ask for a photo. It is desirable to check it in the browser for a match – if the picture is online, it is a serious reason to be wary.

STEP 1: Meeting Place

Please live in the same city. Meeting in an apartment is not the best option, and both parties are often against it. So it is necessary to choose a place with access to the Internet and electricity. The best option – is a computer club, where there are all the conditions and many people.

Warn the person that you will need time to look around – it takes up to an hour. This is important because the seller may have his own business. But in case anything happens, he will not be able to rush you since everything is agreed on in advance.

STEP 2: Checking in Person

The most critical point. Check the complete set right away – the full set includes:

  • The PlayStation 5 console itself.
  • Dual Sense gamepad.
  • HDMI 2.1 cable.
  • USB joystick power cord.
  • Console power cable.
  • Stand for the console.
  • User documentation and warranty.

STEP 3: Detailed Inspection

If everything is as agreed, check the following:

ps5 seals

  • PS5 seals. This is an important point, mainly if the set-top box is sold “still under warranty”. The seals are located inside, under the side panels. If they are damaged or there are traces of unscrewing screws, clarify the reasons. Traces of disassembly can indicate serious problems: moisture ingress, warranty or self-repair, cleaning from dust, or replacement of thermal paste due to a high level of heating. Note – a serviceable PS 5 doesn’t need thermal paste replacement for five years. All because of the new material – liquid metal. So if that’s the point the seller is talking about, it’s worth thinking about;
  • DualSense check. Many gamers forget that the controller is just as important, and it costs a penny to replace, though less of a problem. Turn on the PS 5 and go into any game – there is always an option with pre-installed apps. Play it – all buttons should click easily, with no jamming or sticking. Also, pay attention to the external signs – “sweet” traces may indicate that the gamepad was spilled carbonated beverages. DualSense has been disassembled if there are any chips or scratches on the bottom near headphone expansion port. Find out why. Two signs can distinguish Chinese fakes: the originals have a Sony seal on the back, the front on the button, and the PlayStation logo. Everything else – is fake;
  • If you’re buying a DVD console version, check this drive. First, pay attention to the disc drive eject buttons, then insert the disc and check if the console reads the information;
  • The stand. Yes, it is essential because it is responsible for the proper cooling of the PS 5. With its help, you can install the console vertically and horizontally. A special fixing bolt should fasten the console to the stand. Without it, the design makes no sense, and this, in addition to inconvenience, means overheating and increases the likelihood of failure.

Checking PSN for a Ban

Don’t forget to check PSN for a ban. To do this is simple – you need to look at the current version of the firmware through the Playstation Store. The firmware version can be found as follows:

  1. Then, go to settings (the gear icon in the upper right corner).
  2. Go to the tabs “System” -> “System software” -> “System software update and settings”.
  3. You can find out the current version of the firmware online but look at the messages – if the system says that the current version is installed – good.
  4. Otherwise, you need to update. Click on “Update system software” -> “Update via Internet”. If an error code message pops up, access to the PlayStation Store is denied, and the console is banned.

The second way is more manageable. You need to connect to the Internet, log in to any PSN account and go to the proprietary store. If a list of games and the ability to download any free project opens, there is no console lock.

Deactivating the Previous Owner’s Account

Usually, owners deactivate the console themselves before selling it so that the new owner can create a personal account without any problems. If, for some reason, deactivation is not done, here are the instructions:

  • Go to Settings. Look for “Users and accounts,” then click on “Other”.
  • In the list, find “Console sharing and offline play” – Disable.

Also recommend doing a factory reset if the seller didn’t do it before you.

That’s it – now you can create your account and set up offline play and sharing.

Important Tips

A selection of simple tips to help make a successful purchase:

  • Take a friend with you to the meeting. Especially good if he knows about consoles, in the extreme case – of electronics;
  • The console costs good money, so it is better to meet in crowded places;
  • It is better not to agree to courier delivery services – the service employees will not give enough time to check. The same applies to cabs;
  • Insist on a meeting with the owner, not your brother/girlfriend/wife; this is the only way to get answers to your questions;
  • Ask for a picture of the receipt confirming the purchase. This will at least protect you from risk that the console is not resold for the first time and also give you a certain confidence that PS5 was bought officially;

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Buy new or used PS5 from hand is a good solution that allows you to get a console much cheaper, perhaps with bonuses in the form of a couple of discs with Sony exclusives. So do not turn down the option of buying “from hand”, the main thing is to check the console carefully, do not chase low prices, and dont trust suspicious sellers – then the purchase will be able to bring only positive emotions.

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