How to Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Console


Users who have bought or are going to buy a new generation wonder how to play PS4 disc games on PS5. Discs for the console cost a lot of money. Moreover, many gamers do not want to lose their progress through hard work. Fortunately, the developers have made backward compatibility available. The main features we will consider in the article.

Does Gameplay Change on Different Generations of Consoles?

The console developers assure that PS4 games on PS5 run faster, significantly improve graphics, and the frame rate will increase. In addition, for any applications designed for PlayStation 4, the new UX functions used on the PS5 are applied.

Many users of gaming consoles noticed a major plus – a smooth launch and high performance. But at the same time, all the characteristic options for the PlayStation4 are not available on the new console.

Sony claims that old programs will improve when loading on the new system thanks to the accelerated mode, but this does not apply to all of them. Developers have been assured that compatible games will run on the PS5 at an increased frequency and potentially higher resolution. If there’s a PS4 program stored on the new console’s internal SSD rather than an external drive, you will appreciate the fast loading times.

PS4 Disc and PS5 Console Compatibility

Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Console

If you don’t know if you can play PS4 games on PS5, the answer is yes. The developers assure that more than four thousand applications designed for PlayStation 4 run on PS5. Some of them additionally get the Game Boost feature. With this option, the frame rate becomes smooth and high.

Despite the compatibility of many applications, some do not support the functions available on the PS4 console. Also, gamers note that there may be glitches and freezes at the time of launch, but this is not true for all applications.

If you have played on PS4 with a virtual reality helmet, the PS5 will also need this accessory. The main thing is not to forget to update the software for PlayStation5 in time to run the discs.

How to Run Blue-Ray Discs

PS4 Disc and PS5 Console Compatibility

Many first-time users are worried about whether discs PS4 on PS5. It would be best if you did not worry about this, the application will run, but you may need to download an update to the device before that. For you to be able to run games all the time, the Blue-ray disk must be in the drive. It is important to remember that the discs from the PlayStation 5 can not be used on the previous generation’s console.

It can ruin not only your DVD disc but also the drive.

You can play on the new console from the media or a digital version of the application. Any data you can easily transfer from the PlayStation 4 to the new console. This can be done via Wi-Fi or LAN connection.

If you’ve been using an external hard drive, there’s another method you can use on your PlayStation5. Unplug the media from the PS4 and plug it into the PS5. No need to convert or reformat the files. You can immediately enjoy the games on your new PS5 console. Move all matches from the last console to your hard drive.

How to Install Digital Versions on PS5

If you have trouble installing digital apps after using the PS4, follow these short instructions:

How to Install PS4 Game Digital Versions on PS5

  1. Enter “Games” in the library.
  2. Select the desired title.
  3. Choose the PS5 version (if available).
  4. Activate the download.
  5. After completing these steps, the installation will go automatically.

What Are the Limitations?

Users used to the “Share” menu on the PlayStation 4 console should consider that the new console is arranged a little differently. The function for creating videos and screenshots is located in the “Create” tab.

When in doubt whether PlayStation 5 can read the discs of PS4, the information can be seen in the specifications. This data is indicated directly on the media or can be found in the online game library. If the Blue-ray disc is not supported, it will be indicated as “PS4 only”. Be sure to pay attention to this mark. Otherwise, you can make a mistake and waste your money.

Sometimes users have problems if the application is launched from cloud storage. In that case, it can constantly crash, or other types of errors can appear. To avoid encountering such a situation, it is important to download updates of PS4 games to PS5. As for the work of the wireless gamepad, DualShock 4 does not support the work with PS5. Therefore, only the DualSense controller can be used with the new game console.

Useful Video

Most of the software designed for the PlayStation 4 runs on the PS5 console. Backward compatibility support works for over 4,000 applications. Only 1 percent of discs will fail to run on the new console. Be sure when buying a Blue-ray disc for the PS4 to look for a mark with which console compatibility is available.

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