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All electronic devices have common features and a list of popular problems. These include loss of signal, which can turn into a blue, green, or black screen of death. On Sony consoles, this malfunction also occurs and can signal serious errors, hardware failures, and relatively harmless things. Today we tell you how to fix the black screen PS5, in which cases you should contact the service center, and what causes this phenomenon.

PS5 Black Screen Reasons

The reason is simple – the lack of video signal. But it can be caused by various malfunctions, from the broken HDMI cable or its loose fixation to the hardware failure of the video core or the system SSD drive. And it happens both when playing new 4K titles and games with backward compatibility.

Important: Check not only the wire itself but also the port. Despite the supposed reliability, it often comes undone and causes signal loss.

Today this malfunction is widely known to Sony and console owners – you can find many variations of black screen appearance on Reddit. Below we tell you how to fix the black screen on PS5 after the logo, overheating, and other options.

How to Fix PS5 Stuck on Black Screen

Let’s consider the most frequent cases of the black screen and the most effective methods of their elimination. Some items may be similar, but we recommend you record the error on video and write to the support service, trying to change the console under warranty. Find the console’s serial number in advance – this will help the consultant determine the revision and outline a list of possible problems to check.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is not a danger. But it is associated with a massive series of failures of Sony consoles. And the matter here is not in the mode itself but in the defective hardware, so if your console is serviceable, there is nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, it is better to notice a defect while the warranty is valid immediately.

Two well-known YouTubers and journalists, Jeff Gerstmann and Tefty, also faced this problem. The reason for their bugs with the black screen was errors in the system after switching to sleep mode from popular games (particularly Spider-Man: Miles Morales). As a result, the console required constant disk recovery and lost signal.

On PS5 black screen, first, you should try to remove it without using safe mode. To do this, turn off the power and boot the console again. It happens that the error disappears after a normal reboot. If not, then:

  1. Turn off the PlayStation 5. Wait until the indicators and screen go out. By the way, the blinking blue indicator on the controller is also a problem;
  2. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds – you should hear two beeps;
  3. Connect the Dual Sense joystick using a USB cable, and press the “Home” aka “PS” button;
  4. After entering safe mode, select “Restart PS5” again;
  5. Repeat the above steps if that did not help, but now select “Reconstruct Database”.

The database rebuild process will not delete your user data (clips, screenshots, game saves). Instead, it is an analog of defragmentation on a PC, designed to organize files scattered around the system for quick retrieval.

Reconstruction takes time, but if you do it regularly, the process will be completed faster. Also, don’t forget to dust the console by removing the side panels. This also affects performance and prevents overheating.

If the above methods helped, it is recommended to disable the settings to enter the sleep mode when a black screen appears only because of it.

Black Screen After Startup

playstation 5 stuck on black screen

A black screen at startup indicates serious errors (we think you already checked the HDMI cable). After that, you can enter safe mode again and do a database reconstruction as described in the paragraph above. But consider other options.

In safe mode, select “Restore Defaults”. There may have been a failure in the console system that caused the signal processing settings to change. Restoring should return them to their original settings.

You can try setting the correct parameters yourself. Go to “Change Video Output” and look for “Change Video Resolution”. Set it to “Automatic”. If this setting is already selected, try “HDCP 1.4 Only“.

Restoring the settings resets only your system settings. Your data will remain safe. The “Factory Reset” option, on the other hand, completely clears the system, deleting, among other things, the saved user data.

Black Screen in Games

An error where the PlayStation 5 is stuck on a black screen right in the game is not uncommon. Sometimes the console shuts down altogether. What to do? First, try to apply the basic recommendations:

  1. In safe mode, select “Update Software.” There is a chance that the new Sony patches will fix some old bugs and optimize the work of new games and applications.
  2. Reinstall the game if the error only pops up in one application. How to uninstall and unlock games with a lock, already told;
  3. Try lowering your settings. In particular, turn off ray tracing and HDR.

As with the green screen, the cause can often be a hardware failure leading to overheating. Reducing the image quality can reduce the load, but it’s better not to procrastinate and write to support – how to contact the staff of Sony, we have already told.

The easiest way to detect overheating is to touch the console with your hand. Here’s how to proceed if the surface is very hot:

  1. Close the game;
  2. Hold down the power button until the indicator light goes out;
  3. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet and port. Allow your console to cool for 20-30 minutes;
  4. Do not forget about the rules of positioning – horizontally or vertically told in the thematic article;
  5. Connect the cable and log in.

Important! Allow PS5 to rest for at least 20 minutes – during this time, it will have time to cool down even without fans. Why is it important to unplug? You need to cool down the iron as soon as possible, but the console will continue to warm up even in the menu and not running games because some processes are running in the background. A complete shutdown is a fastest and most effective way to cool down the PlayStation 5 hardware.

By the way, if the console makes noise during the game, it is normal. But unusual noises that resemble the noise of a jet engine or the blades of the cooler catching the wire should not be ignored.

Black Screen and Database Reconstruction

ps5 black screen no safe mode

Add to this the appearance of a black screen after a system update, power surges, and blackouts. Usually, this situation is quite safe – enter safe mode and reboot the system. If the black screen appears again, restore the system settings to default.

In this case, the cause of the BS is an error during an update or abrupt shutdown, which is resolved by rebooting again. There is a chance of a short circuit, but it is quite small and usually noticeable.

If you think the problem is rare and unique, here’s a fact: a popular Youtuber Jeremy Penter, who received the console one of the first in 2020, faced a similar malfunction. Sony began searching for errors because the system required constant reconstruction of the database with the appearance of a black screen. The situation was resolved by replacing the console under warranty.

Appears for a Few Seconds

Sometimes a black screen occurs for a few seconds, and everything is normal. Usually, the power and HDMI cables should be checked – the signal is lost, causing the system to freeze briefly.

It can also be caused by installing updates, reconstructing the database, and other similar processes.

These are harmless manifestations, but if the error has started to appear frequently, try the above methods, or better yet, contact the service center.

Launching Without a Picture

The PS5 console turns on, but there is no display. At the same time, the status LEDs on the case are lit, and the coolers are spinning. Usually, the problem is again in the loose connection of the power cable (especially true for monitors) and HDMI. If this is not the reason – contact the service center. Unfortunately, you can’t solve this error by turning on the PlayStation 5 with the TV.

What to Do if PS5 Isn’t Displayed on TV

Relevant when connecting new display devices that do not work initially:

  • Check your TV and make sure the power and video cables are properly connected;
  • Update the TV software;
  • If possible, do not use adapters. Plug the cable into a different TV port;
  • Check the TV settings. Turn on the game mode. Recheck which port is receiving the signal (HDMI source).

In PS5 console safe mode, select “Change Video Output” and the “Change Resolution” option. The system must be restarted to do this, and will notify you with a message. After the restart, select the resolution of your TV from the list. Also, I have already told you if it was worth buying a 4K TV for the console and what are the nuances of its use.

Video Guide

In this article, we looked at the main ways to fix PS5 black screen hangs and answered why it happens. As we can see, this problem can not be prevented except for improper connection, which is a consequence of defective hardware parts of the console. The methods described above do not lead to the loss of warranty, and you can try to fix the error yourself, but if the cause is in the hardware, the solution will be temporary. Don’t be afraid to contact support and SC – the black screen is not new in the world of PS5 faults, and Sony is well aware of it and changes consoles.

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