Can a Power Outage Damage a PS5?


PlayStation gaming console is a reliable and high-quality device that can work without interruption for a long time. But sometimes, owners of PS still encounter problems: the gadget stops turning on, constantly restarts, and the indicator blinks in different colors. Most often, problems arise from improper use. In today’s article, we will find out can a power outage damage a PS5 and what to do if the console suddenly shuts down?

Myths and Facts About Harm After a Power Outage in PS5

Your PlayStation console will not work without being plugged into a power outlet. The PS does not have a battery, so the device must be plugged into a power outlet. Accordingly, when the power goes out, it is turned off. This is a sudden and forced shutdown, for which the console has no time to prepare. The result can be serious problems with the PS5.

Of the most innocuous consequences – is the failure to save gameplay. But there are more serious situations:

  • console burns out;
  • power supply fails due to voltage fluctuations (mostly cases when electricity is switched off and on several times);
  • SSD drive crashes;
  • important user materials, such as saved games, are lost.

If the power problem is a one-time occurrence, it won’t affect the device much. But because of regular outages or power surges, you may be faced with a bricked console. In most cases, repairs are then long and expensive. Only experienced users with the necessary technical skills and knowledge can repair the device independently.

How to Avoid Problems With Game Console if Power Often Shuts Off?

How to Avoid Problems With PlayStation Console if the Power Often Shuts Off

If you know that the light in your house periodically goes out or there are voltage jumps, it is necessary to ensure the device’s safety in advance. The most affordable and simple option is to buy a surge protector for PS5 and connect the console through it.

A surge protector looks like an ordinary extension cord but has a built-in protection unit against power surges. It is also able to mitigate the consequences of a sudden power outage.

Many people wonder if the PS5 has a built-in surge protector. The manufacturer does not declare this technology, so it seems absent. The console is not protected from electrical problems, so it is worth buying external protective gadgets. You can buy a surge protector for PS5 at any technology store, but it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer. Don’t save money and buy a quality surge protector from a reputable company.

The next option is a backup power station. It is also called an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Even after the lights go out, the console will get a boost from the UPS, so there won’t be a short power outage. Again, it is recommended that you only buy stations from reliable manufacturers, such as Eaton.

Cheap models produced by unknown firms can, on the contrary, damage the device due to improper current distribution.

What to Do if Your PS5 Won’t Turn On After a Power Outage (Lightning)

If an unpleasant situation did occur and the PlayStation stopped starting, you can resort to some methods. They should restore the performance of the device.

Option 1: Launching Console in Safe Mode

ps5 not turning on after power outage

The abrupt shutdown of PS may have corrupted or deleted some files, as the power outage negatively affects the SSD drive. That’s why it sometimes helps to turn the game console on in safe mode. This special recovery tool activates only the most essential features when you run it. For example, Secure mode is a way to reset your PlayStation to default settings, recover a database, clean cache, and much more.

Now let’s turn on Safe Mode:

  1. First, turn off the device.
  2. Next, press and hold down for seven seconds on the power button.
  3. Then press the center button on joystick. The USB cable must be attached correctly beforehand.

If PS is launched in safe mode, there is no serious problem, and you can repair it on your own. However, we recommend performing a factory reset. How to do it – read the next paragraph. We also have a separate article on this topic.

Option 2: Restore Factory Settings

After entering safe mode, you will see a screen with available options. Among them are “Restore Defaults” and “Reset PS5”. Despite the similar names, these are different procedures. When you restore the settings, some user data is saved. So you won’t lose important content. But if the console refuses to work correctly, it’s better to do a full reset. Yes, you will lose user materials, but the PS is more likely to restore normal operation.

Option 3: Full Device Reset

If you don’t want to lose important data, perform a full console reset. To do this, pull the plug out of the mains and leave it on for half a minute or so. Then reconnect cable. There is no need to perform any system operations.

Option 4: Check the Wires

power surge protector for ps5

Cables may have burned out due to electrical problems. If, for example, the PlayStation 5 does not turn on after a lightning strike, you can suspect an issue of this kind. The two main cables – the power cord and the HDMI cord – are often affected. You’ll have to buy new wires, plug them in, and check that the PS is working. Also, make sure the cables are sitting tightly in their sockets and not coming loose. Finally, be careful when removing the old cord, as there may be a bare wire.

Option 5: Replace Console Power Supply

The power supply suffers first and foremost when there is a power failure. It simply burns out and can no longer be repaired. Determining the power supply problem is quite easy – when you turn it on, the console emits a little squeak and does not turn on.

On your own to replace the power supply is very problematic. It is worth contacting a good craftsman.

The repair will be expensive because you need to buy a new unit. Buy a surge protector in advance to avoid extra costs and problems. Then, it will be much cheaper.

Option 6: Contact the Service Center

how to fix ps5 after power outage

If you can’t determine the cause of the failure, the only option is to go to a service center. The master will conduct diagnostics, find out what parts are affected, and repair them.

The user can use the diagnostic tool “Repair PlayStation” at home. After opening this section, you need to select the PS5 model and specify your type of breakdown. Then, instructions will appear, allowing you to fix the problem yourself. If these actions do not help, request repair of the console and follow instructions on the screen.

Other Reasons Why Your PS5 May Not Turn On or Work

It happens that the malfunction of the PlayStation is not directly related to power outages. So let’s find out what other situations can cause problems with your PS.


The most trivial but very common cause. The console tends to overheat, especially with prolonged use. The ventilation holes get dust, and the thermal paste dries up. It is necessary to regularly clean the console from dust and dirt, change the thermal paste, and not block the airflow into the ventilation slots. Direct sunlight should not reach the PlayStation. It is also not recommended to use the device in hot weather. Learn how to clean your PS5 from dust here.

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Problems With Cable or Connector

As noted above, faulty cables are often the cause. Ensure the wire is firmly in the socket and there are no sparks or other specific phenomena. There should be no bare wires. If the cable is loose, the console won’t turn on and won’t work. Just get another power, USB, or HDMI cord. The connectors can also be faulty or dirty. You can clean them yourself. If the port doesn’t work, you’ll have to call a technician to repair it.

Mechanical Impact

Why Your PS5 May Not Turn On or Work

The console is quite a fragile device, which can be damaged or broken by a fall or other mechanical impact. Therefore, you must handle the machine carefully and not drop it. In addition, hitting a hard surface can damage important internal parts and require replacement. That’s why it’s important to position the PS5 on a stand correctly.

Using a Malicious Disc

If your version of the PS5 is equipped with a floppy drive, it is likely that you periodically buy various game discs. But it would help if you were careful – often, low-cost unlicensed discs contain malicious software. Putting such a disc in your PlayStation can cause you to experience both loss of personal data and complete console failure. Instead, buy only original discs from trusted video game stores.

Not Installing Latest Update

PlayStation regularly receives new builds. Usually, they are installed automatically if a connection to the PlayStation Network service is connected. But sometimes manual updates are required – especially if there have been system issues. For manual PS5 updates, linking your game console to a WiFi router is necessary. You can do this with a standard LAN cable. Once the internet is connected, go to the “Software Update” menu under “Settings”. Then click on it, read and follow the on-screen instructions, then wait till the process is complete.

You can also update the software in safe mode by clicking on the corresponding item.

Sleep Mode Enabled

Sleep mode puts the PlayStation in a non-functional state from which it is difficult to remove the console – the device may not turn on at all. Therefore, it is better to disable the rest mode completely. To do this, you must:

  1. First, go to “System Settings” and select “Power Saving”.
  2. Then, in the “Set time until PS5 goes to sleep mode” box, enter “Don’t put it to sleep mode“. Finished.


How Do I Use the Surge Protector?

Plug it into a power socket and plug it in (the red button is usually used to turn on the surge protector). Next, connect the power cord from your console to the surge protector. Do not plug many devices simultaneously, as the extension cord may burn out.

What Should I Do if My PS5 System Keeps Rebooting After a Sudden Shutdown?

Try starting the console in safe mode and performing a factory reset.

Can PlayStation Be Restored to Working Order if a Fire Occurs?

Contact a service center for detailed diagnostics and repair. Parts that have burned out will need to be replaced. In some cases, repairing your PlayStation after a fire may not be possible.

Useful Video

Now you know how to fix your PS5 after a power outage. If the breakage is small and is at the system level, you can cope with it at home. Mechanical problems are more difficult to fix. Write in the comments if you have any additional questions.

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