How to Start PS5 in Safe Mode


Gaming consoles can break down in certain situations and produce a variety of errors. To solve the problems, they have a maintenance mode. We describe below what it is and how to start PS5 in safe mode. Also, in detail, we will analyze all the features of this menu.

What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode on the PS5 allows you to run the console with a limited set of features and functions. This is done to help fix possible system problems without disassembling the console. For example, it can be used to restore user databases, reset the device to factory settings, change the screen resolution, etc.

Changing some settings entails deleting data and crashes. Therefore, it is recommended to back up your data before using the safe mode and transfer it to removable media or cloud storage.

A-List of All Features of PS5 Safe Mode

A-List of All Features of PS5 Safe Mode

This mode is intended for troubleshooting and assumes that users know what they are doing. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not enable Safe Mode on your PlayStation 5 without the need and basic knowledge of the console settings.

Explore all mode options and make sure before entering that the desired setting is actually on the menu:

  1. Restart PS5. Allows you to restart the console and start the system in normal mode;
  2. Change Video Output Settings. Allows you to change the screen resolution. It helps with a problem where there is no image, and the user observes a black screen if the HDMI cable is properly physically connected;
  3. System Software Update. A special service that allows you to install up-to-date updates and security patches from Sony servers or a flash drive;
  4. Restore default settings. It can be useful when the system does not work correctly. Performs a factory reset and returns everything to the way it was “out of the box”. No data is deleted, only the system configuration changes;
  5. Database Rebuild. The helpful function allows you to scan the device’s memory (speeding up the operation by rearranging the databases). It also creates a new database for all saved files. Make sure your PlayStation 5 can complete the process, as it sometimes takes quite a long time;
  6. Resetting the PlayStation 5 data. Unavoidable action. Deletes all user files and restores the PS5;
  7. Reset and reinstall system software. Completely deletes system data and user files.

How Do I Put My PS5 in Safe Mode?

Enable the mode is quite simple. The action is carried out in a few simple steps. So:

  • The first thing to do is to turn off the console. It is important to wait for a complete shutdown when the power indicators are no longer lit;
  • We press the start button and hold it until the console beeps a second time. The first beep sounds when you press it, the second – after 7 seconds, with the power button pressed, you can be guided by this time;How to turn on PS5 in safe mode
  • Connect the controller via USB, and press the “PS” button.
  • You have entered Safe Mode on the PlayStation 5, which will be written in the upper left corner. How to Start PS5 in Safe ModeAlso, if you’re having trouble, we recommend checking out the official Sony guide.

How to Get PS5 Out of Safe Mode

How to enter this mode is understood. Now let’s figure out how to get out of it.

  1. Connect the controller. If you have not done this before and with its help, select the item under the number 1 – “Restart PS5”.
  2. That’s all. Console will restart itself and start in normal mode.

Problems Entering Safe Mode

How to Get PS5 Out of Safe Mode

Purely technically, there should not be any. If you perform all the actions correctly and the console has no significant damage to the system, everything should start. If the PS 5 does not enter safe mode, you should contact a specialist. But first, we recommend checking these points:

  • The power button should not fall, in which case you should try to work it out;
  • Pressing time. The second signal is emitted after 7 seconds. One of the reasons for the inability to enter is insufficient holding time;
  • Problems with the USB port or controller. The console does not see the controller, and the action with the “PS” button is not read. You can try with another controller.

Updating the System Software via Settings

This section is for those whose PS5 cannot connect to PSN (PlayStation Network) or if errors are encountered during the update. A manual update is also required if the system version is too old or problems with the network and connection interruptions.

How to start the update:

  1. Open the tabs “Settings” -> “System”.
  2. Then “System software” -> “Update system software”.
  3. At the root of the last tab, select “Update system software“.

How to Update Your Playstation 5 From a USB Flash Drive

How to Update Your Playstation 5 From a USB Flash Drive

Now let’s understand the process of manually updating the PS5 system software from a USB flash drive.

  • First, prepare everything you need: controller (both wireless DualSense from PS5 and DualShock from PS4 will do), USB cable, PC with Internet access, flash drive with the FAT32 file system;
  • Now insert the USB card into the PC and create a directory in the root with the name “PS”. Open it and create another directory with “UPDATE”. The names must be the same as specified. Enter them without quotes;
  • Follow the link to the page of the official PlayStation website and download the current version of the updates. Place the downloaded file in the “UPDATE” directory;
  • Now rename the file to “PS5UPDATE.PUP”;
  • Insert the flash card into the slot of the console;
  • Launch PlayStation 5 necessarily in a safe mode according to the instructions above; ps5 safe mode update
  • From the list, choose the third item – “System software update”;
  • Select “Update from USB flash drive” and confirm.

Important: In case the console does not see the flash drive or the data recorded on it, check the following:

  • The file names, directories, and their hierarchy are the same as in the instructions;
  • The flash drive is formatted in FAT32;
  • Check the flash drive for proper operation. Also, check the USB port on the console using a different drive.

Video Guide

That’s all – this article describes in detail how to enable Safe Mode on your PS5. We’ve broken down its main features, performing manual updates and solving popular problems. If something does not work, we recommend checking the sequence of actions and if everything is correct, contact a specialist.

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